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If you are interested in our program or have been referred to our program, the following is our process for admission:

  1. Click or tap on the links below to fill out our online documentation forms.
  2. Deborah Drummond will then contact you to schedule an assessment with either our Children’s Program Director, Shannon Fletcher, or our Adolescent Program Director, Amy Lam.
  3. The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes and the child and legal guardian will need to be present for the appointment.
  4. The program director will take your information and determine if your child meets criteria.
  5. If your child meets criteria and space is available, you will be scheduled for your child’s starting day and given a packet to complete and return on your child’s first day.
  6. On the starting day, you will fill out the appropriate intake documents with Deborah. This takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes.

Insurance We Accept

Please call us at (940) 723-4488 ext. 119 for insurance verification.